Bringing your darkest struggles to light through the safety of confidential, counselor-facilitated groups is often an integral step toward healing and redemption. We currently offer the following groups:

  • Healing Hearts


    A consultation session with Lauren Petters is required before registering. The next group will begin September 6, 2012. CLICK HERE to find out more. Please call the front office at 704-365-4545 to schedule a session with Lauren Petters before registering.


    Must have already completed Healing Hearts Beginnings. The next group will begin September 6, 2012. CLICK HERE to find out more and to register.

    Richmond Groups

    our office in Richmond, VA is currently offering a Healing Hearts Beginnings group. CLICK HERE to find out more.
  • Test Group

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  • Healing Hearts Beginnings
  • Healing Hearts Advanced
  • Healing Hearts Richmond
  • Honors Program for Men


    What is the Honors Program for Men?

    The Honors Program offers a confidential Christian context to find God and a wise path back to personal and relational health for men who struggle with sexually addictive behavior and relational brokenness. Central to the program is our commitment to small groups where men come to grow in relational maturity and find a God-honoring path for repairing what has been broken.

    Beginnings Program is an ongoing confidential Christian community designed to focus on the fundamentals of making progress in sexual and relationship recovery.  The Beginnings Program offers education, dialogue, small groups, structured conversations, mentoring and materials to understand and work on issues related to heart and life restoration.

    Advanced Story Work (Beginnings Prerequisites) is a 14 week group designed to identify and address root issues in a participants’ story that stand in the way of healing.

    Advanced Sexual Health (Beginnings Prerequisites) is a 14 week group designed to focus on issues related to relational repair and healthy intimacy.

    How do I join an Honors group? (Interview / Assessment)

    Call The Barnabas Center (704-365-4545) and setup a confidential 50 minute face to face pre-program interview & assessment with John Pierce (this is required to register for the group). Cost for this is $155.

    This individualized and informative 50 minute consultation is the first step to enrollment and offers the opportunity to have a dialogue with a counselor experienced in sexual recovery issues.  This meeting is designed to recommend the best course of action for each particular situation.

    This meeting in no way obligates one to participate in our program and does not imply acceptance into the Honors Program.  Rather, the meeting offers a safe, confidential context to understand the needs, determine readiness for group experience, and discuss the resources available (at The Barnabas Center and in the community).

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    When can I get started?

    If, after the initial interview and assessment, it is determined that the program is a good fit, you will be invited to attend a Beginners Orientation meeting (typically offered three times annually - September/January/April).    Beginners Orientation sessions prepare you for entering the larger Honors community.  Orientations happen from 6-10:30 on Tuesday nights and are considered the first two sessions of the Honors Program.  During this time participants receive materials, introductory information and a foundation for entering into the program at large.  The Cost is $225, and is due before Orientation begins.  This payment serves as the first program payment and is non-refundable.

    When and how long does a group meet?

    After you complete Orientation, participants join the Honors community, which meets every Tuesday night from 6:00-8:00 pm.  After completing the first 14 sessions of Beginnings, participants can continue on in this context to meet their desired goals.

    What does it cost to join an Honors group?

    The Cost is $945 per 14 Sessions.  A $225 non-refundable deposit is paid before beginning Orientation. Payment plans are available.  “Group Scholarship” applications are also available upon request and are granted based on need and availability.  All checks should be made payable to The Barnabas Center.

    Who leads the groups?

    John D. Pierce, NCLPC, CSAT and Ben Jones, NCLPCA, work with other professionals in the community and trained lay leadership to provide a strong and supportive place for men to do the work of life, relationship and heart restoration. To read John's and Ben’s bios CLICK HERE.

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    What if I don’t want (or are not ready) to begin the Honors Program, but need immediate direction with issues related to sexual brokenness, addiction or betrayal?

    John D. Pierce provides triage consultations for those needing experienced help and hope in this area of struggle.  These times are available for individuals or couples and/or spouses that need immediate direction and resources. Triage consultations are not a commitment for ongoing counseling. They are meant to offer a one time opportunity to have some strategic interaction around best next steps for your particular situation, and they offer an opportunity to discuss the many questions surrounding sexual and relationship recovery. Consultations are typically 50 minutes.  Cost is $135