where are my pants?

I recently had outpatient surgery – a hernia repair – robot-assisted. It had to be done. So, I scheduled it and showed up at the hospital at the appointed time two hours before the actual surgery. I signed in and was greeted by a very friendly stranger. “Let’s get you back there,” she said. “Already?” I asked, thinking I’d have a wait. But no, she took me straight to a little prep room. “The pre-op nurse will be here momentarily,” she said. Then she handed me three plastic bags. “This… Continue reading where are my pants?

the gift of responsibility

I’ve been thinking about trading in my car. I’d like something roomier, where I sit up a little higher. So I made a short list and imagined myself in those vehicles, riding down the road with a taller perspective. Yes, I would like that, I think. But then, on my mental drive, I pull into an imaginary gas station and realize, Wow, it costs $68 dollars to fill up one of these big vehicles! Hmmm…. that’s a lot. Maybe, I don’t want that after all. So I revise my search.… Continue reading the gift of responsibility