Steve Gardner
“Our marriage was deeply impacted by our time at The Barnabas Center. The best part is that we didn’t fix it by muscling up and changing our behavior; God transformed it by deeply changing us and how we truly feel about each other. I never imagined the love I could know for my wife and the joy that marriage could bring to my life.”
Jim Kallam
“The Barnabas Center is a trusted partner in the struggles people face with life. We both believe in the transforming work God does in people’s hearts. The skill, care, and Biblical perspective of Barnabas helps me recommend them with absolute confidence.”
Dave Kulp
“Barnabas Basic Training is a great resource for training believers how to enter into other people’s lives. The weekend seminar provides both a solid biblical framework for how to understand people and practical tools in how to care for them. We recommend this training because it equips them to care for others and point them to the hope and joy that are found in Jesus Christ.”
Davis Kuykendall
“With winsome wisdom, patient love, and penetrating grace The Barnabas Center encourages spiritual significance in the individuals and families they serve. I count it a privilege to invest with Barnabas for the sake of so many in Charlotte.”
Trevor Smith
“I do not hesitate to refer people there who face serious challenges outside the capabilities of a parish pastor like myself. By walking with people through difficult times the counseling staff at Barnabas bring the reality of the resurrected, living Jesus – and the peace that only he can bring – into people’s lives.”
Chip Sneed
“At NorthCross Church our desire is to train our leaders to be highly skilled in the art of caring for the spiritual and emotional needs of our people. Barnabas Training gives our leaders three things: a biblical and functional model of the human heart, an understanding of how people change through struggle, and the relational intelligence to help people move through their struggle toward Jesus with authentic longings of the heart.”
Mark Upton
“When we founded Hope we said we wanted to be ‘Real People looking to the Real Jesus for Real Change’. The Barnabas Center has been the perfect partner for us in this endeavor. Rather than giving into the pull of our consumer culture to make life work, The Barnabas Center has consistently pointed our people to the God who makes himself available in a life that doesn’t work. Their moral courage and hard-won wisdom has produced a maturity, faithfulness, and other-centered compassion in our people that we simply couldn’t have developed without their help.”