a “yot” for one day

I was having dinner with a friend a few weeks ago.  He’s a delight to be with and a wonderful conversationalist.  I should also mention he is 3 ½ .  Between bites of bagel pizza and raisins, he asked me what I’d done at work that day and what I’d done at home before coming to his house.  I answered briefly and then asked about his day.  Periodically interjecting reminders for him to take another bite of his dinner, I listened as his animated little voice told me all about… Continue reading a “yot” for one day

Buckle Up

  Roller coasters are by far my favorite amusement park ride. I love alternately giggling and screaming my way through the twists and turns, especially while upside down. Walking up to any given coaster, I can have some idea what to expect of the ride, but it’s impossible to know what it will actually feel like. Trusting that I’m safe, I buckle up and go for it. Rarely am I that brave or trusting in my everyday life, even with the knowledge that God promises me both His presence and… Continue reading Buckle Up

“Where are you?”

“Where are you?” God’s question to Adam and Eve after they ate the fruit has been playing on repeat in the background of my mind for the past month or so. I’ve read and reread Genesis 3 a bunch of times. I’ve written the question down in my journal. It hasn’t gone away. I feel like I’m hearing it more clearly and more often. And I’m hearing it in a much different way than I used to. When I learned about the Fall as a little girl, I heard that… Continue reading “Where are you?”

When we’re our realest, God can get the closest

“I feel like I need you more than you need me,” I said quietly. I hadn’t meant for those words to slip out, especially then. But they had. I also hadn’t meant to be crying. But I was. My two closest friends both had their first babies last summer, born just eight days apart. One of those dear friends was sitting across from me that night, eating her first dinner out without her little one. The words felt ridiculous as I said them, maybe even a little pathetic and… Continue reading When we’re our realest, God can get the closest


  I love the ocean. Not having grown up near it, it is still a bit of a novelty to me. The first glimpse of the broad expanse instantly brings an exhale…the kind where I find myself breathing more easily and everything else fades away for a few seconds. I am struck by its sheer size and beauty. Every time. And whether it be summer or winter, I am compelled to have some part of my body in it, even if it is just my feet and ankles being frozen… Continue reading Confession