i do believe

Our staff at TBC gathers virtually for Bible study once a month. As a relative newcomer to this group, it can be a little daunting when my turn to lead rolls around. Collectively, there are decades, maybe even a century, of wisdom, study, and experience represented by the small squares on my zoom screen. The idea that I could offer a new insight or bring fresh content to this group feels presumptuous, and yet I’ve always felt welcomed and encouraged by their engagement. Even as I prepare a Bible study… Continue reading i do believe

the one who mends

I had the opportunity to be part of a Kintsugi workshop this past weekend.  I was familiar with the concept of Kintsugi: a Japanese technique for mending broken ceramics that highlights the cracks and fissures with gold, thereby creating a new piece with more value and meaning than the old.  What surprised me about the workshop was that knowing about the craft and participating in the process are two different things.  This shouldn’t have surprised me.  I know it is true in all sorts of realms, in relationships and in… Continue reading the one who mends