a good shepherd

A parent holds the hand of a small child

A few days ago, I went on a walk with my husband and kids. We have a creek that crosses our property  into a wooded lot next to ours. The kids love to explore this area. I love the idea of it: being in nature, seeing all that lives and grows. But what I don’t love: snakes! We have found several in our backyard this spring, so I am all too aware of them. As we explore, I make my husband walk in front, as the snake hunter, with a… Continue reading a good shepherd



With the order to “shelter at home” during the coronavirus pandemic, I have had many opportunities to spend time working in my yard (in between episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, breaking up sibling scuffles, and trying to be a productive employee, of course). Since we moved in last summer, this is the first time I have lived in this particular house in the spring. As winter gives way to new leaves, pollen, and blooming bulbs, I have been so enamored with God’s creation. It has been a joy to witness… Continue reading weeds