Marriage Series: Love and War

Please join us for this upcoming marriage seminar led by Palmer Trice.  It's entitled "Love and War."  Palmer will be teaching three Tuesdays in September at Warehouse 242.

Heart to Heart – Charlotte February 21-22

Heart to Heart is a two-day program set up for safe conversations about important and big topics, with God entering into the middle of those conversations.  It is a time designed to change patterns, marriages, and hearts.

The Haven

The Haven is a program for women seeking a Christ-centered confidential context to pursue healing, help and health in recovery from sexually addictive behavior and relational brokenness.

Man Enough – January 2017

Man Enough is for men who want to be honest. Man Enough is for men who want to love better. Man Enough is for men who want God to be more real in the daily ins and outs of marriage. Join with other men who want to grow their marriage, grow their love, and deepen their own hearts for God.

Quest Adventure Weekend for Men

Do you want an experience that leads to change?  Come encounter God and face challenges in nature with a band of brothers!  Sleep under the stars and hike rugged trails. Discover the awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur of the wilderness in North Carolina.  Explore, discover, risk, listen, and get away.  Bring a buddy with you or a group of friends or come alone. Sign up now!

Heart to Heart Marriage Weekend

Heart to Heart This weekend is designed to meet each couple at a point of growth and is built on a series of talks followed by assignments for each couple.

Barnabas Training Basic Aug. 18, 2018 in Winston-Salem

Barnabas Training Basic equips you to see yourself and others in ways that foster deeper relationships. It gives practical help to know how to better encourage friends facing difficult times in life and faith. This biblically based seminar helps you understand others by gaining a biblical understanding of your own heart.

Stories and Songs – An Evening with Andy Gullahorn

Please join us to hear Andy Gullahorn in concert and to find out more about Project 658 and the Barnabas Center. Thoughout the evening each ministry will share what God has been doing lately and how they've come alongside people in the community to share the hope of the Gospel.

Growing Up Peaceful – October 23, 2019

The hope of this seminar is to wake us to an awareness of how we deal with our own anxiety so that we can be intentional in helping shepherd our kids through theirs.

Barnabas Training Basic

Hope Community South End 3021 Griffith Street, Charlotte, NC

This is a foundational seminar that includes teaching segments and small group conversations. Participants will learn a Biblical way of thinking about people and problems and will gain basic tools for relating to others in a deeper way.  This seminar will help you better understand yourself as well as invite others to deeper relationships with Christ.

Barnabas Training Level 1 Group

Level One is a training program in a small group setting that expands upon the Basic Training material. You will learn how to listen, ask better questions and to care for others with a more discerning mind and heart.