who’ll stop the rain?

Have you ever been scared to death?  Literally afraid of losing your life?  Have you ever not known what to do in the face of something scary?  One situation scared me to death.  My friend Eric and I had a long history of playing pranks on one another, even going out of our way to get even for the previous prank.  Once when I was in my late-twenties and living in a second-floor apartment,  I had been out of town for the weekend and returned late in the evening.  As… Continue reading who’ll stop the rain?

don’t kick the dog

Have you ever heard the story about the man who went to work, got yelled at by his boss and accused of something he didn’t do, made a mistake that lost him an important account, took a phone call from his wife who told him the dishwasher was broken and would cost a thousand dollars to replace, and spent an hour in traffic that was backed up for no apparent reason?  Do you know what this man did once he got home? He kicked the dog. That’s right, poor Bowser… Continue reading don’t kick the dog

Who is Lord of your moods?

People are always attempting to alter their moods. Pass by the Beer Garden on a sunny afternoon, you will see lots of people in the process of altering their moods through alcohol consumption.  Pass by your neighbors’ house and glance at what is on the TV.  Perhaps you will see a funny movie that will alter their serious mood through laughter.  Look in the coffee shop where throngs of people are altering their sleepy mood with caffeine.  It seems like we are all trying to get out of one mood… Continue reading Who is Lord of your moods?

Addiction and Grace

In many marriages, addictive behaviors are present.  This was the case in mine, and I was the addict.  Situations and types of addictions vary, but the pain of betrayal is always there to some degree in every scenario. It is devastating to think that a substance or addictive experience is more important to the addict than his or her spouse.  To many spouses, it would appear to be true that he either loves me or he loves the addiction.  Often the addict truly would like to stop inflicting pain on… Continue reading Addiction and Grace