always “on call”

I was somewhere between the comforters and the towels at my local Home Goods store. Next to me, a woman was shopping for similar items when I heard a very familiar ringtone coming from her purse. As soon as I heard the triumphant beat on the phone, my heart felt like it plummeted to my stomach. A surge of cortisol-adrenaline swept over me. My mouth got dry, my cheeks were hot, and I began to sweat. I looked around in confusion. An impulse to run out of the store hit… Continue reading always “on call”

the puddle

Have you ever had a fight with your spouse and then afterward thought, What on earth was that about? Energy that erupted was completely disproportionate to the circumstances. Maybe your emotions got the best of you and you said things that were unkind. You have? Me too. It was late summer and I had just returned from taking my then 90-year-old mother to her doctor. I returned home and, as I walked up to my front door, saw a big puddle on the walkway. It had not rained in days,… Continue reading the puddle