anxiety fills the air part 2

Since I finished my last blog on anxiety, I have had two more opinions come across my desk that have provoked me.  Just today I read a devotional that really induced anxiety.  It said, “My children tend to accept worry as an inescapable fact of life.  However, worry is a form of unbelief.  It is anathema to me.” Now most of the time I really enjoy this devotional, but I felt kind of gobsmacked by those words.  It seems to me that the author is missing the non-volitional part of… Continue reading anxiety fills the air part 2

anxiety is in the air

There are seasons when I find myself more anxious than usual.  Sometimes they come from one big in-my-face burden.  Other times, it feels like I am surrounded by multiple, smaller burdens.  Either way, uncertainty rules the day.  Bad outcomes seem more possible, if not inevitable, and I experience powerlessness in fresh new ways.  I feel fear, some sense of sadness.  Life looms darker than normal.  It feels like I can’t control anything.  I hate those seasons, don’t you? I don’t think any of us choose to be anxious.  There is no… Continue reading anxiety is in the air

a good friday thought

Good Friday and Easter are right around the corner.  The gospel of John tells us that Jesus was hanging out in a small town 10-20 miles north of Jerusalem for the month or so prior to Passover.  He had raised Lazarus from the dead and that had stirred up a hornet’s nest.  And the hornets wanted Jesus to be dead.  But His time had not yet come. But the Friday before Passover, He made His way back to Bethany knowing it was time: time for His death.  Recently I have… Continue reading a good friday thought

a different kingdom

For the last several years, I have taken a deep dive into the events of the last week of Christ’s life.  Over 25% of the gospels are focused there.  I realized that I have, by and large, jumped from Palm Sunday to Good Friday to Easter, and an awful lot went on that week! Recently, I was looking at the series of “trials” that Jesus went through on His last night.  After His arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane, He was brought before Annas (the former High Priest), and then… Continue reading a different kingdom

what might loving those we disagree with look like?

I have some pretty strong opinions.  I feel like I am reasonably bright.  I read a good amount.  I watch the news.  I stay up-to-date. Now, I don’t read as much as some.  I’m sure not the smartest guy in the room.  But I am pretty thoughtful. I’ll bet you think of yourself the same way.  Huh?  Is that true? And what do we do, you and I, when we have disagreements?  What do we do when our views on masks or vaccines or politics or church not only don’t… Continue reading what might loving those we disagree with look like?

love means being excited about being sorry

When you are caught or confronted, what do you feel? Shame?  Exposed?  Fearful?  Defensive? What’s the first thing you want to do? Hide?  Defend?  Counterattack?  Justify? When someone accuses you of some kind of failure – critical words, judgement, thoughtlessness, being mean – are you surprised? Do you live with some unadmitted sense that you could and should live life perfectly, faultlessly? I absolutely hate being confronted.  I work really hard to do life “right.”  But—surprise, surprise—I am almost always caught off guard by my failures. I had a dream… Continue reading love means being excited about being sorry

does jesus matter more than politics?

In my last post, I bemoaned my own irritability that flares so easily in this current cultural environment.  Even civil conversations now seem to have an edge.  Whether we are discussing masks or vaccines, politics or specific cultural issues of the day, the tone seems to be more adversarial than ever.  It’s not just that I think I am right, but that I think you are stupid.  It’s not just that I think you are ill-informed, I think you are being duped.  Surely no one with a brain could think… Continue reading does jesus matter more than politics?

desiring to see the larger story

    Which world do you live in?  Which world is most compelling?  Which world is most true? I don’t know about you (actually, I think I do…😊) but I live in the world I can see.  That world is filled with people and projects, sickness and health, all kinds of feelings and observations.  Many would call it the real world. This morning I walked with a friend who has cancer.  He has had it for a long time, but faces the very real possibility of another surgery in the… Continue reading desiring to see the larger story

Going Home

My mom passed away on August 6.  She was 96.  But it was still a surprise!  I talked to her at 3 that afternoon and by midnight she had gone Home.  She had actually sounded really upbeat that afternoon.  We bemoaned the ending of the Olympics.  She was going to get her hair done on Monday.  She was still “with it”, though often bored and lonely.  She still lived in her home.  My three siblings all lived nearby.  But now she’s gone. Last night Lynne and I were looking at… Continue reading Going Home

self care in order to give