Pete Bondy

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Director Of Residency & New Counselor Training

Pete Bondy began counseling in 1997 and joined The Barnabas Center in 2000.  He earned his electrical engineering degree from Louisiana State University and worked for DuPont prior to earning his master’s in Biblical counseling from Colorado Christian University in 1995.

In addition to counseling individuals and couples, Pete has significant experience in designing and leading experiential adventures designed to facilitate challenge and growth.  This gets specifically expressed in new counselor training, Barnabas Training, leadership development, individual counseling and deep discipleship work.

Pete counsels adult individuals and couples experiencing:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Marital conflict

His primary focus is guiding adults through struggle towards heart change and transformation.

Pete has been married to Linda since 1976 and they have three children and four grandsons.  He has lived in Charlotte since the late 1980s and enjoys many things outdoors: mountain biking, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, learning with horses, and playing with grandsons.