Why I Am Carrying Two Foreign Coins in My Pocket

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When it comes to carrying things in my pocket, I am a minimalist.  My front left pocket is reserved for my iPhone. I regularly cull my key ring for expendable keys, and I dump change the first chance I get.  However, I carry two foreign coins in my pocket everywhere I go and in the front left pocket nonetheless.  Here is why.

I picked up the two coins on my last visit to our church planting team in the Czech Republic. Every time I feel or hear them clink against my precious iPhone, I am reminded to pray for sweet Eliza Hunt.  Eliza is the 11-month-old daughter of my good friend Jake Hunt, husband to Melissa, father of three, church planter, pastor, and missionary.  About two weeks ago, Melissa took Eliza to the doctor for an ear infection, and during the routine exam the doctor felt an abnormality in her abdomen.  She sent Melissa straight to the hospital for testing.  During an abdominal ultrasound, the doctors discovered that there was a tumor growing inside Eliza’s liver.  After days of testing the doctors diagnosed it as a cancerous tumor, a hepatoblastoma measuring 15 cm.  The doctors wasted no time, and Eliza started chemo this past weekend.

Being miles away from my good friends, I cannot care for them the way I want.   However, I am able to talk with them, send them emails (they especially appreciate scripture), and pray for them – a lot.  When it comes to prayer, I find that tying the physical to the spiritual is very helpful.  So, my wife and I printed out pictures we took of Eliza on our trip to Prague and placed them on our fridge. So, I decided to carry the two coins in my pocket as a reminder to be diligent in bringing my friends and their sweet daughter before the throne of Jesus (Hebrews 4:16), the great Physician as they walk through this challenging ordeal.

How do you remind yourself to pray?  Do you tie the physical to the spiritual?  Who has God connected you to spiritually, emotionally, or relationally that he has placed on your heart to bring before the throne of Jesus Christ?


Dave Kulp
Dave Kulp has been a pastor at Uptown Church since 2008. He studied Art Education at Kutztown University but during college felt called into full-time youth ministry. Dave enjoys football, fishing and laughing. He and his wife Mary live in Charlotte with their three beautiful girls Celia, Bennett and Camilla.

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