A Broken Jesus

It started off as a sweet moment. In the midst of my hustle my 2 year boy looked up at me with his big blue eyes and said “Show me baby Jesus.”
I instantly stopped, looked down at him and said, “Absolutely,” with a smile.

I started to contemplate how I am to show him Jesus. It felt like a big moment, like the beginning of his learning who God is. We walked over to the nativity set above our fireplace and began to look at Jesus. I smiled at my son and pointed out all the figures on display. Then, sweet baby Jesus was picked up by my son and thrown to the ground. Jesus was decapitated. The sweet moment was over, I couldn’t help but laugh as I put my son down and picked up the pieces of baby Jesus off the floor. 

Broken Jesus Brittany

And then my mind really started to turn. This is really who my children are going to see from me, a broken Jesus.  Not a perfect, put together example of Christ, or one with all the answers. I can tell them that Jesus loves them and that He is our hope. But how often will they see me failing to believe what I tell them? More often than I would like to admit. Even my ability to love my children falls well short due to my sinfulness.

It will take me laying down my pride and admitting that I need a Savior just as much as my two year old who broke baby Jesus. By God’s sweet grace my children, family and friends will see through my broken self into the eyes of Christ. They will see Jesus in me admitting my need for Him and seeking forgiveness.

So this Christmas, when you fail at loving your family well or give in to the stress of the holiday, give thanks to God for Jesus whose body was broken so we might carry Him with us, even if it is a broken example to those we love.


Brittany Stiling headshotBrittany received her BS in Apparel Merchandising with a Minor in Business from East Carolina University. She previously worked at Barnabas on the development team and is now at home with her newborn twins, Wesley and Finley. Brittany has been married to Daniel for 8 years.  And when she is not changing diapers, she enjoys writing about her home renovations and life with twins on her Facebook page The Stiling Haven.

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