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Every time a beautiful bride walks down the aisle to meet a much anticipating groom, we are reminded of what awaits those who love the Lord.

We are going to a wedding one day. We’re walking down the aisle to be with the one who Knows us the Best, and Loves us the Most.

The marriage relationship is the closest relationship on earth to the type of relationship that God desires with people. Think about that.

There’s love, trust, fidelity, conflict, respect, struggle, etc…  Marriage is meant to be a picture of what God desires with us. Marriage is meant to speak truth to the world about who God is and what His intentions are with us.

Marriage is God’s canvas to paint a redemption story.

A story to be enjoyed; captivated by.

A story that creates tension and questions.

What story is your marriage telling?

When people stand in front of your marriage (your picture) what do people learn about God? Do they see the artist’s intentions?

It’s messy, isn’t it? Marriage is not a still photograph. Marriage is more like one of those paintings with multiple images imbedded.

From one angle you see two lovers strolling down a little alleyway. But look again. Look closer. You might see two people sitting on opposite sides of a room, cold and indifferent. All in the same picture. Amazing.

Our marriages are meant to bring glory to God glory and good to us.

Our marriages are meant to be a picture of who God is and what His intentions are for us.

No matter how you look at the picture of marriage, no matter the scene or season, this is the intention: That God would be known and glorified. And, that you would be known and bring Him glory.

Oftentimes the greatest works of art, those that people pay to see, are the most complex. Messy, disturbing, and riveting. These are the pictures that people want to see. Not a painting of a sunflower in a office elevator, but real people, engaged in real life.

This is the picture of Marriage.

Marriage isn’t simple; but it is God’s intention. This should speak to us, because life itself is not simple, but it is God’s intention.

Be encouraged today. Step back and look for the artist’s intention with you and your beloved. In the midst of complexity….

I bet you’ll see it there.


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Chris Payne picChris Payne is the Senior Pastor of New Charlotte Church and has been ministering in the city of Charlotte for 14 years. Chris is a graduate of Liberty University and received his Masters of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell. He is currently working toward his doctorate in Marriage and Family Counseling. He is married to Jen and they recently celebrated their 11-year anniversary. They are the proud parents of Jackson, Maryn and Faith and reside in Waxhaw, NC. You can read Chris’s blog at:

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